Become Self Enterprenuer and Make Money

Self Employment Tips for Unemployed Graduates

Overview – Employment  analysis report figured out that around 50 Lack graduates from various streams like Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Science & IT , start searching jobs every year .Youth generation becomes very focused for their career once they completes their education ,as employment is their first and top priority.

In India jobless rate stands 6.1 percent, means 60% youth are jobless. jobs are very less in comparison of demand . Situation becomes very worse in when we see rural areas. Most of Rural graduates depend on government jobs. They hardly manage funds and takes rooms on rent in the nearby cities for the preparation of examination. Coaching classes, extra classes and much more efforts they does because of their dream is grab a govt. job.

How much painful life they struggle with but what comes in end. Limited No. of vacancies and Lacks of candidates ,so on average maximum 4 to 5 candidates get jobs per thousand then ? What happens with the rest 995? They again & again apply for many jobs but get jobless in the end.

How to Overcome Un-employment – Here I would like to say no need to worry, as anyone can earn money by utilizing the resources they have, But they have lack of proper guidance and business knowledge.

Don’t get completely rely on govt. jobs , develop yourself as an entrepreneur , a leader , a self motivator who never give up , you should have touch mentality to fight with the worst condition ever you faced .We have many limitation in our education system as its make a sense of theoretical knowledge only instead practical knowledge based education . Developed countries around the world focus on self employment, skill development and business oriented education.

  • My first preferred industry is Network Marketing, which is the best industry to making money without investment . I will share complete details in my upcoming blog , where you will get depth knowledge about direct selling industry which have the potential to make everyone billionaire .
  • Secondary If you are from a village or have your own agriculture land then you can make a huge income from it which you never imagined.

Ayurveda industry is growing very rapidly and market size of $4.4 billion with 16% annual growth rate. Leading companies which are manufacturer of herbal products, have lot of demand of best quality gooseberry (Amla), Aloe Vera, Blackberry,  Asvagandha , Ginger , Turmeric , Safed Musli and many more .Information regarding soil and best cultivation areas, can be obtained from Google .

  • Third one is, fruits farming like Banana, Strawberry, Guava, Grapes, Papaya, and Pineapple. Government of India also offers various loan schemes with low interest rates and subsidy on farming tools and techniques, apart from that govt. also provides economic cultivation programs.

even Teasel (Gokhru) is very demanding in Kidney related diseases and it is its market cost is Rs. 250 to 350 /kg .Plantation of Amla tree is also very profitable farming . Another organic crops are aloe Vera,Tulsi ,Ginger, Turmeric and huge market is open for you and smart income is awaiting for you ,beyond your expectation .

Apart from these take benefit of various schemes designed by government of India for rural development. Some of them are :-

  • Dindayal Upadhyay Gramin Kaushal Yojana under this scheme government rhymes various projects under which manager skill download various classes works project training provided. approx 690 projects have been already implemented Government have a budget of Rupees 15 and required for this project and launched on 25th September 2014. S
  • Second one is Swarn Jayanti gram swarozgar Yojana SGSY. desi scheme empowering women to make them financial Sab depend by starting on small scale business with amount of 300000 rupees maximum. skin nose in the year 2011 interest rate is nominal 7% only another time of Re band requirement reducible to 4%.
  •  Third one is National Rural Employment Guarantee Act NREGA scheme beneficial for skiilled individual and those who are able for physical work for men gives hundred days Employment Guarantee to such unemployed peoples. Some reason if any person don’t get any job then he get entitled for employment around itself.
  • Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana 1993 main objective of this scheme to provide stable self-employment woman and young generation age between 18 to 35 and rest as per government policy government provide 15 to 20 days training so that any accident able to manage his business setup maximum up to rupees 500000 loan sanction limit to set up business entity establishment. agriculture loan – availed by farmers different seasonal agricultural operations related activity like purchase of land for farming tool available to all type of farmers and government have Association with private banks and financial institution for employed youth agriculture sector graduates as 22 and above general crop loan till 1 lakh without security and access security as bank as per banking norms. section is
  • Pradhanmantri Mudra Yojana, Govt. of India gives 3 types of loans under this scheme :-
  • Shishu Loan – people will get 10 rupees 50000 loan under this scheme
  • Second one is Kishore – people who have already your business and want to improve their business from between 15000 to 500000
  • Third one is Tarun – under this stage and applicant will get highest loan amount as per condition loan amount from 5 lakh to 10 lakh what is between 10 % to 18%

Thus you will see that lot a ways are open to us to make money. Just each of us need to get proper knowledge and awareness.

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