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Industry : Direct Selling

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Is India’s leading direct selling company, which provides work from home business opportunities .Head quarters at New Delhi .Company started its Operations in the year 2004, dealing in world class products, Including Ayurveda health Supplements, Home care, Personal care, Women hygiene, Air purifier,Water purifier, Men’s Grooming, Oral Care, Premium skin care, Agriculture Products and Cosmetics .Vestige is growing rapidly with a wide network of more than 10 Million distributors including India ,U.A.E., Bahrain, Nepal & Bangladesh which indicates itself the quality of these products, the marketing plan is very unique and sustainable .

Vestige is expanding its product range compatible with the traditional market ,every year. Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company which provides world class services to all vestige families .4500 plus Distributor centers and stores across the county including DLCP, mini DLCP, Online & offline stores and sales outlets .3500 Plus car owners out of which 250 plus luxury car owners like BMW, Audi, Jaguar ,Lexus, Mercedes , Volvo ,Discovery and many more .

Working with vestige is one of the best money making business.
Payout ranges from 100 to above 1 Crore per month .More than 2000 Distributors earning more than 1 Lac Rupees per month.

The most amazing part of this business is that no one need to invest money ,only change your brand with vestige and if you like then just help others to change their brands with vestige ,those may be your friends ,neighbours, colleagues , social media friend , or known one .

 How to earn with Vestige

 Vestige gives 7 types of income

• Retails Profit : 10 to 20%
• Accumulative Performance Bonus : 5 to 20%
• Director Bonus : 14 %
• Leadership Overriding Bonus : 15%
• Travel fund : 3%
• Car Fund : 5%
• House Fund : 3%

If you calculate then you will see that company pays 60% payout to its Distributors.

Levels with business volume: Level starts from 5 % to 20% , once you achieve 20% level you becomes Bronze director in the company and gets eligible for the 14% director bonus with 20% cash back on your own purchase .
If you purchase products of your daily needs worth Rs 2500/- from vestige till 13th of every month (consecutive Six Months ) then in the 7 Month you will get Rs 2500 /- free product voucher (MRP 3000 /-) in nut shell approx 55% benefit from your purchase .

Every product contains Point Value & Business value ( P.V & B.V.)
1 Point Value = 30 Rs
1 Point Value = 18 BV

• Let’s understand with an example :-

If you purchase Rs 3000 /- Product then your P.V. will be 100 & B. V. will be 1800 (10018) and minimum cash back will be 5% (18005% = 90 Rs.+ 300 Rs free product as 10% monthly scheme + 500 Rs worth free products) .
Simply you spent Rs 3000 /- & you get Rs 890 benefit.

Have you ever get such benefit from any market on monthly basis ?

Let’s take another simple example for your better understanding :-
You changed your shop with vestige with Rs 3000 & helps only 10 friends to change their brands with vestige then calculation will be like this:-
3000*10 = 30,000 + 3000 = 33000

Your First month payout will be approx 2200 to 2500 and (your friends will get 890 Rs benefit each) , Remember there is no limit to introduce your more friends or known individuals .

In Second month you have to help your 10 friends only to find their 10 friends to change their brand and what you and your friends will get:-
30001010 = 3,00,000 + 3000 (your own purchase) = 3,33,000 / –

You payout will be approx 25 to 30 thousand per Month ( your each friend will also earn approx Rs 2200 – 2500 ) .Day by day it will increase not decrease with your team size.

A notable point is that your monthly purchase is stable while your team business turnover is growing with same purchase amount.

It’s just a simple calculation only because the income is beyond your imagination because its proven business model as you will find lacs of income proof on Google & YouTube.

Now ask a question with yourself and your friends that how much risk they bare? I say 0 risk .you get worth of money which you paid .In current digital era everyone is using social media like face book and what’s app and have hundred of friends so I don’t think that it’s too hard to help 10 or more friends to change their life with financial freedom .

Why Vestige?

Here I am giving you an average projection , to start a self business minimum 10 Lac Rupees required as per current market trend and demand + manpower salary 10k + 8 to 10k shop rent & own fuel expense + 5k Electricity bill & drinking water + 15k business loan Emi ( bank interest rate varies from 12% to 24% but I am taking only lower side ) Total 40,000 Rs monthly required to run a common shop .

Only money not sufficient to run a business, a lot of still left, these are below:-
• 100% Business knowledge
• 100% Mental stress
• 100% Risk of Money which you have invested

Now you can judge better that why Vestige Business is a need of everyone, company is expanding its branches across many countries so just imagine when around the world people will use vestige brand and we all get income even sleeping at home.

No matter where you belong from, Work from home in full time or part time , depends on you but your dream needs to be strong. Team Support available in all working countries.

Vestige is not only a platform to earn income but this business will taught you a Lot because of practical challenges you face and experiences . your personality will be develop itself, you will never hesitate to talk with new people, you will start to live the life of your own choice .This business work only for those, who are serious for their future. Lacs of people has transformed their lives; they are now working as an Entrepreneur, a leader, a Winner, a team player, a social worker and a life of millionaire .Everyday thousands of lives are changing who have associated with this business. If someone who can stop you to grow that one is none other than you.

Finally I would like to say that if you really want to earn money and you have faith in yourself and god then success is guaranteed.
If you have your own dreams and want a life of your own choice then you are at the right place.

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