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Set Your Dream Income and get Self Made Millionaire


Everyone wants to get rich and successful but don’t know exactly that, how it can be possible, how much monthly expenses we have and how much income in comparison of that. At least we must be conscious to measure your financial status. In current scenario, do you think that a standard life can be spend with average salary? I can say it’s not possible. Most of us have some dreams for our self, for our families but gets failed to fulfill because of lack of alertness for dream income. I would like to recall a famous quote of the founder of Microsoft Mr. Bill Gates “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, it’s your mistake”. Always be happy but never be satisfied. Here I am sharing some basic facts which can be very helpful to become rich or you can build strong financial portfolio. No matters where we live.

1. Note Down your current financial status: – Start writing your financial status every month. And with headings like how much asset you have and how much it’s worth. Like all banks saving, Paytm, Phonepe, property, jewellery. Fixed deposit, Recurring deposit, Life Insurance, mutual funds, debentures etc.

Heads Amount
Bank Savings 200000
FD 80000
RD 50000
Online payment banks 25000
Property 1800000
Jewellry 230000

Now calculate all savings and assets. Write your income and expenses

Income   Expenses  
Salary 25000 Grocery 6000
Additional Income if any 4000 Fees 8000
Intrest 0 Electricity Bills 4500
    Shopping 3000
    Loan EMIs 4000
    Others 1500
 Total 29000   27000

Expenses may be various type like outdoor dinner, parties, movies, traveling etc. once you start to Analyze that which one ratio is higher, then you can try to control it. 

Less your expenses from income then you will get net monthly saving.

Now you will be able to analyze that how much asset or liquid cash you have and how much expenses you have in comparison of your income. And which expense needs to be control to make more savings.

2. Write down your dream income & option– If you still not planned your dream income then you have to face financial challenges in the upcoming time definitely because of inflation ,So set your dream income today  and start planning or Make an action plan then go for it with 100% dedication and efforts. Only Planning does not suffice, Success demands hard working.  Suppose your dream income is Rs.2 Lac per month while your current income is 25k monthly, now question arises that what is future plan to achieve that targeted income of Rs. 2 Lac. Let’s take an example;

  • Mr. A appears for an interview with a dream salary of Rs 35k but the employer selected him for 28k only, then can he expect 35k salary in the next month? Is it possible? Why not so? Because that person is suppose to work between to 9 to 6 working hours and will be paid fix salary nothing apart from that, while I can surely say that in monthly closing schedule, his working hours will be stretched with much work load with same payout as salary will be remain same. Now it is because that person is totally depends on his salary and he neither he did not planned additional income nor dream income, Otherwise he could generate extra income and less dependency on job only.

Think about available options you have, if you don’t have any option then you need an in-depth analysis and need try more option how to make money. Lots of options available where you can make money online at home by working part time of full time or start small business with unique concept.

3. Look for new Opportunities – Most of people set their own limitations, that they can’t do anything beyond their capacity. They set geographical limits, they can’t meet with new people; they don’t have any skill etc .Every human borns with god gifted talent and skills. Each entity has its uniqueness which has been created and crafted by god and nature. Be positive, believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, believe in your strength, believe in God, believe in your parent, believe in honesty, believe in dignity, believe in truth, believe in success and don’t fear with failure. Failure opens the new door of opportunities. No one can stop you to grow, if someone stops and barriers your path of hard work that one is none other than you. I can assure you, once you start taking action, you will be able to live your dream life .look for new opportunities, think that where you can involve to grow. Plenty of options are awaiting you. I will share complete knowledge about all these opportunities in my next blog .

4. Learn Professional skills – These days soft skills are essential in every industry, to make our self , presentable, to communicate, to represent, every where you will be needed soft skills like communication skills , leadership skills , under pressure performance , planning and decision making , Team collaboration and team spirit , self and team motivator , all these are demanding professional skills which can be acquired by attending training classes .

5. Avoid Debt – If your liabilities are higher than you can’t save money, if no money then the cycle of debt will be continued and you won’t be able to get rich so Focus should be on assets creation. Take an example;

  • Mr. Y is an employee and purchase a costly smart phone worth Rs.40k and pays monthly EMIs of Rs 4k. Suppose he sell out that gadget after one or two year then how much resale value he will get back. I think not more than 30 to 40% max to max. Now tell me is it was a profitable decision? I say no , Instead of that Mr. Y can go for an average phone with good features and , He can invest that Monthly EMI amount in SIP with help of an agent or Google search , and Long term SIP gives a good returns usually ranges  8 to 16% in India , May be that after a year that amount gets multiplied . In same manner money people purchases luxury cars of their hardly earned money or saving and start a life of liabilities. If alternative options are available then it can be avoid and the same EMI can be used in asset creation like purchasing of land or a small house in developing urban areas which will give you assured good return or can be helpful in financial need or in money related emergency.

Now you can judge that assets or liabilities which one is better.

6. Study Digital Entrepreneur – In current scenario of globalizations traditional methods of marketing or selling has been gone out of trend. Now it’s time of digital marketing, So Start to gain knowledge about digitalization, entrepreneurship skills. You can launch your own ecommerce company with trending products. You can market your business or products on various social media platforms like face book, integral, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Millions of business owners have benefited and making money through these digital marketplaces. You can also register your products with Amazon, Flipkart, Shop clues, Snap deal etc . Here you will be required to pay certain amount as commission along with shipping charges. Thus huge scope of learning and earning is available with digital entrepreneurship.

  7. Network Marketing – If you want financial freedom and a life of your own choice, a life without compromise with your needs, and most important all without investment, then the doors of wealth are open for you in network marketing. This industry has given many billionaires to the world. There is no need to doubt if you are working with the right company which have quality products and proven and genuine payment proofs. Before joining any company always verify company’s background with all mandatory certification. If you are serious for your future then success is guaranteed. There is no sales target but you have to set your own target for your dream income, your dream car , your dream home and within how much time frame you achieve all these , depends on your efforts and commitment . In my next blog I will share in brief about direct selling industry that with which company you should work with and all basic fundamentals.

Finally would like to say that never give up at any point of life, have a winning mindset.

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